A week in the Arctic

The children have had a fantastic week learning about the Arctic and comparing it to our country and climate. We have learned about the Inuit people and their way of life and the Arctic animals. In continuous provision the children have built igloos in the construction area and small igloos out of sugar cubes in small world. We have enjoyed playing in our Arctic role play area and making cold pictures using colour mixing in the creative area. We have investigated ice in our water area and used shaving foam to practise writing our name. We have caught snowflakes on mittens to write number sentences. We have even had a snowball fight in the school hall!


Afternoon tea with the queen!

The children were very excited today to have afternoon tea with the queen. They greeted her politely and sat down to have a cup of tea (decaf of course) and a jam scone with her majesty. They told her all about Nicol mere school and asked questions about life at Buckingham palace. They also made sure that they stuck out their pinky finger as they sipped their tea!


Pirate day

The children have had lots of fun for pirate day. They took part in pirate P.E with Mr Rothwell and made lots of pirate accessories in the creative area. They used large soft shapes to build their own pirate ship and then used props to role play. After learning all about pirate flags the children designed their own pirate symbol.