A visit from the owls

The children were so excited for a visit from the owl man. We researched owls prior to his visit and children wrote a list of questions that they would like to ask. We saw a barn owl, an eagle owl, a little owl and a tawny frogmouth owl. The barn owl swooped over our heads silently and we all had the opportunity to hold an owl.


World Cup day

We saw some amazing football skills in reception on our World Cup day. Our men and women of the match were George, Lucas, Sienna and Jessica.  Indoors we also had a football themed day with lots of fun activities. We played blow football, made finger football puppets and completed football puzzles.


Magic porridge pot morning 

The children came to school extra early today to have a special porridge breakfast. We had porridge with blueberries, strawberries, cherries, banana, raisins, syrup and some magic sprinkle! We have enjoyed the stories ‘Goldilocks and the three Bears’ and ‘The Magic porridge pot’ this week. We made sure that we said “stop little pot, stop!”after the porridge had cooked to ensure that the porridge did not flood the school!


A very exciting delivery 

The farmer arrived this morning with a delivery of five duck eggs and an incubator. In a few days the eggs will hatch and we will have ducklings. We have a large brooder cage set up with hay bedding, food and water. The children are very excited and can’t wait to meet the ducklings.


Supertato and Evil Pea

The children have loved the story of Supertato and have been horrified by the dastardly villain ‘Evil Pea!’ They have made their own Supertatos and created WANTED posters of Evil Pea. They then put them up around school to warn others about him. After receiving a letter from Supertato, the children went on an Evil Pea letter hunt in our outdoor area. Once they had found the letters they arranged them to make words to give us the power to defeat Evil Pea.


Super Hero Activities 

The children had a fantastic day dressing up as super heros to start our topic. Continuous provision has been transformed into super hero world. We have a super hero role play area and super heros in our small world area. Spider-Man has spun his web over our sand pit and our outdoor area! The children match number sentence keys to numbered pad locks to release the villains in our number area and we have comics and comic strip writing in our library and writing area. The children have also enjoyed using magnifying glasses to read tiny super writing and have been making capes and shields in the creative area!