Bastille day

We had lots of fun activities for Bastille day in reception. The children learnt colours and counting to 10. We played boules, made flags and built the Eiffel Tower out of lots of different materials. We loved our French cafe where we used our manners saying “merci” as we ate chocolate brioche, baguette, French fries and grape juice.



A visit from the owls

The children were so excited for a visit from the owl man. We researched owls prior to his visit and children wrote a list of questions that they would like to ask. We saw a barn owl, an eagle owl, a little owl and a tawny frogmouth owl. The barn owl swooped over our heads silently and we all had the opportunity to hold an owl.


World Cup day

We saw some amazing football skills in reception on our World Cup day. Our men and women of the match were George, Lucas, Sienna and Jessica.  Indoors we also had a football themed day with lots of fun activities. We played blow football, made finger football puppets and completed football puzzles.