Pumpkin soup 

This week we have had the lovely story ‘Pumpkin Soup.’ We have had a fantastic week learning about being friends, acting out the story, making pumpkin faces, playing music like the characters and writing about the story. The children have put all of their work in a special book to show mums and dads. We ended our week by making some soup for our parents.


Armistice Day

The children have been learning about Armistice day and the symbol of the poppy today. They drew a beautiful poppy field in the creative area and collaged their own poppy using different materials. They wrote about the soldiers and the poppies on the writing table. They showed great respect and maturity in honouring the 2 minutes silence.


Dressing up for Halloween 

The children looked ‘spooctacular’ as they came to school dressed in their Halloween costumes. We had a very spooky day playing in our witches potion den role play area and we made monsters with our magic, sparkly play dough. We also mixed potions in the water area as we said rhyming magic words and played with our haunted medieval castle. We be built haunted castles in the construction area and wrote our own spells in the writing area.



Andy Goldsworthy

As part of our art curriculum enrichment day the children learned about the British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. We talked about how he uses natural materials and looked at the shapes that he creates. This inspired the reception children to create their own sculptures and amazing pictures.



Tasting bread

This week we have been reading the story ‘Little red hen.’ The children have acted out the story using masks and baked their own bread. We then tasted different types of bread. We tasted: tiger bread; poppy seed bread; Mediterranean bread, carrot and pumpkin seed bread; sunflower seed and honey bread and pitta bread. The children then talked about their favourite bread.


An Autumn Walk

The children went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds. We looked at the leaves and the sycamore seeds and checked for signs of Autumn. We collected lots of leaves and then used the leaves when we returned to class to make some super Autumn pictures.


A hedgehog in school

Mrs Greaves brought in a hedgehog that she has been looking after at home. She told us all about Nicol the hedgehog that had been poorly and was rescued from the Mere house nursery garden. Mrs Greaves volunteers at Warrington hedgehog rescue and was pleased to tell the children that Nicol is now healthy and ready to be released into the wild. She showed the children the gloves that she wears when she handles the hedgehogs and the children asked lots of questions.